The exercise of virtue does not need propaganda


The Prayer Call places us in the “warning” of our capacities to know, to listen, to say, to propagate…; to inform.

A severe information crisis surrounds all human communication. “Crisis” in the sense that information folds and adapts according to the interests of those who spreads this or that report.

It was already said –it was already said worldwide- after the Twin Towers, when President Bush warned: “from now on, all information would be reviewed, regulated”, and they reserved the right to inform, according to the needs of Country security.

Perhaps that moment, just to mark a turning point. Because lies are not just now...; they have been around its domains since –as the Silvio Rodríguez song said-“the first man who lied, who lied, who lied”.

But it is true that the profitability of biased, semi-true, probable or absolutely false information is the immediately profitable resource; that may last a short time, may last long time. With which, history –that pretender of realities- is even more disrupted.

We already know all the information traps that states have to create to guarantee actions, interventions... that they could not officially or legally do. Except with the justification “of”.

Do you remember –I'm sure you do- when all the Christian dominators, Catholic believers, good people, stated unequivocal and categorically that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction? Do you remember? And for that reason, Iraq was invaded, bombed, massacred... for years! And domination continues in another way, without official war.

How is it possible! There was not a single weapon! They recognized it years later. And nothing happens! No. “We were wrong. The information they gave us was…”.

Collin Powell, at the United Nations, proclaimed with absolute certainty and confidence that they had observed warehouses storing weapons; they had observed, they had seen, they had verified that they were transporting weapons of mass destruction.

Of course, this committed all believing countries –of the Western branch, of course- to defend themselves. Of what?

But, of course, it was of interest for other reasons: dominance, control, expansion, oil, etc.

And a lie that is scary enough is capable of triggering a war. In the same way that you had to look for a man in a country, who was bad -the man-, and the country was invaded: Afghanistan. Why? Because there was a bad man.

Since there are no bad men in Spain, that's why we are not invaded. Neither in France, nor in Italy... There are countries with no bad men, so there is no reason to invade them.

Forty-four countries participated in the lie to “hunt down” Osama Bin Laden; then, vilely murdered at darkness and with malice, live broadcast, in another country, and without any defence whatsoever.

But this is the casing; the carcass of global details that, even the executors themselves…

Oh!, by the way: Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for this feat. Unimportant details.

But when that carcass of power, of power, is established as the norm and... Nothing happens! –because, of course, they are the power, the law, the order; It is enough to admit a “mistake”!-, that spreads throughout the human community. Of course!

And, from coexistence and communication, an appearance is made loaded with “information” properly handled or pathologically expressed or paranoidly motivated.

Look: on a different subject, there was a news item in which it was stated that orchards –look- local, family gardens, pollute much more with CO2 and contribute more to the worsening of climate change, than the large and endless-long crops generated by the major powers.

And it is news that comes out like this... right?

By the way, remember that breathing also pollutes.

And what we have come to call “cloud” is developing. A general cloud in which vanity, personal importance, arrogance... and a long etcetera, create stories around everything... that do not correspond to what is happening, but!... but they obtain the personal benefit to who promotes it or those who promote it, obtain the social benefit of whatever changes...

The Prayerful Call begins with the globalist vision, but, as small as we are, we have the traces of that perfidy that the being develops based on realizing that information is power, information is value –which is valued “according to”...- and information is gain and achievement.

And although information is valuable because it discovers, because it shares, in the coexistence consciousness of humans it has become that cloud in which anything goes, in which everything is said and in which everything is condemned.

If it has to be rectified later, well, then it is rectified. In the meantime, let it remain on death row or in prison for life or on parole.

In the information age, information wreaks havoc on history. And they present us the truths –sic- that are of most interest, those that do the most damage, those that sell the most newspapers, those that entail the most interest. Everything, but allowing what democracies crow about so much, which are called “freedoms”, which are called “truths”.

The Prayer Call warns us that we are in that broth. Not now! We have been around for a long time –to say a meaningless sentence: “a long time”; what is a long time?- subjected to that deteriorating communication.

And if you used to grow Brussels sprouts in your garden –to be original, because they come from Brussels- now, as this increases the carbon footprint, you will have to uproot them.

It's an example.

And, of course, there will be people… I was going to say “sensible” –I don't think that exists, I mean, it will exist, but not much- who will say: “No, no, but what are you telling me. "I will continue eating Brussels sprouts to feel European". But there will be –of course- those who fully assume it.

It's that... -and that is the crux of today's Prayerful Sense- is that we have reached a point in the human community where the truth is harmful, the truth is dangerous, virtue is obscene, where freedom is conditional, always.

We have reached a point where, of course, anything that does not go along with the establishment is worthy of being considered criminal!

It is not yet a crime to pray! And you can talk like now. Still. But say a simple, simple, simple prayer in a restaurant! Not out loud, no, no, no, just concentrate for a moment, and you will see how the entire restaurant -well, some absent-minded person won't- will notice you.

.- And what is he doing?

They will be marked during the evening. And if it occurs to them to drink wine: “Oh! Sinner! Alcoholic!". Yes. From this point on, the volume of speculation begins. And since the diners were not very happy with their respective stories, a story was created immediately. With a bit of luck, they can finish dinner without being thrown out.

Surely some people will think: “What an exaggeration”. In case you believe something –and in this prayerful creed I do believe it- almost 30 years ago we were expelled from a restaurant in Sweden, in Stockholm, for speaking a little too loudly and for laughing. It disturbed the calm of the diners' dinner. And after two reprimands, we were asked to leave the restaurant.

This was in the last millennium, yes. Now it's worse. Now you probably have been filmed, you’ve been put on file, you have been… I don't know, any other personal monitoring.

And that climate, that climate of information, in the era in which we have all the technologies available, undoubtedly has an impact on our communication, our harmony regarding the Prayerful Call.

Consequently, of course, we don’t care... Although from time to time someone may think that this way of praying is not prayer. No. This is an advertising speech that...

Amazing, right?

Because praying... because praying is what we have known all our lives!: it is asking, it is demanding, it is suffering, it is crying. It is not discovering, it is not listening, it is not clearing the mind, it is not communicating with the creative supra consciousness, no! It has nothing to do with that! That is evangelical advertising speeches.

And since the image of God is that of that persecutor of sinners, then we must go and pray to repent, to suffer. And of course, always the same prayer.

As we have said on other occasions... in the Prayerful Call: we have no track record. We are put on record.

And based on that belief, based on that conviction of the Mystery and towards the Creative Mystery, we remain.

We are and we go bearing witness, with our daily actions, another story; another story that is not the story that they give us, that they have given us.

That the story of the Prayer Call is the story of a dawn: the one that is born out of love of Creation.

That the story of a Prayerful Call is searching for our identity and our harmony with the Creative Mystery. Embracing our daily action under the virtuous sense... and under the gaze of the Universe. And, with that, every day is different, diverse! And we can do similar things, but not the same.

The Prayer Call takes care of us. It warns us that we are not guilty. It reminds us that we have an instinct for holiness. It encourages us to courage of sincerity at the right time. It encourages us in service, not self- satisfying selfishness. It provokes us to see virtue in others. In short, so to see “It” –Creative Mystery- in every nook and cranny.

And, to do this, the Prayer Call places us in this global world, in which whatever happens in any far-flung place, we can be aware of it, now!

They have already executed a prisoner by asphyxiating him with nitrogen, in the United States. Because two years ago they sentenced him to death, and they spent four hours looking for his veins and they couldn't find them, in which case they let him go, right? And he has been on death row for two more years, and now they have invented a more effective method: a mask that, in addition to oxygen, has nitrogen as well, and little by little the oxygen is removed and only the nitrogen is left.

It worked. How could it not work: when you suffocate someone, you suffocate it.

The law has been complied with. We already have a new method. They say that you don't suffer that much either; Maybe 7-8 minutes like that… but we don't know for sure.

So what our humanity has shown us –and this is very significant in our Prayer Call today- is that, just as all kinds of information intended for profit, income, destruction, control, domination are spread, according to the interests of countries, societies, people, and so on…

It seems that, from that point of view, we are in the realm of evil.

.- In the realm of evil?

.- Yes. It seems so.

But let's say that the good news, the good news is that also -also- the goodness, the virtues, the intentions, the projections of help, aid, protection, consolation, also travel!, they also go!!, also exist!!

Oh, if they didn't exist!

But, of course, they don't advertise, no; they don't appear in the press, no; they do not appear in “X”; they don't appear in... all the media that terrifies us. No. They don't appear there.

But as we said in another prayerful moment: “A drop of virtue dissolves an ocean of evil”.

It's not a consolation, no. It's more obvious than it seems.

Because perhaps –let's leave it at “perhaps”- the Prayerful Call warns us that, in that traumatic chaos of biased, pretentious, Manichean, dominant, etc. information –all the adjectives you want- there is… –by states, by governments, by societies, by communities, by groups, by people-, next to all that shouting, there is silence. There is the silence of virtue. There is the silence of the realization of ideals. There is the silence of service not propagated, not propagandised.

There is also.

And no... and not in combat with the obscene and the vulgar. No. That is what is sought in the general tone of vulgarity, but no!

The Prayerful Call warns us that the exercise of virtue, the testimony of what one thinks, feels and lives, does not need propaganda and does not require combat. No.

And as the song also said, regarding virtue: “which is like spring; It doesn't need a garden".

And, of course, for orderly and upright minds, you can’t let grow the… No! We have to control it! We have to master it! so that it is to our liking.

Yes. We have to be constantly aware of where we are.

Consciousness of the environment.

Not to defend, but to warn us.

Yes, not to fall into the counterattack.

Yes, so as not to deviate from virtue, with its falls, its rises, its mistakes, but... continue.

The Species Life, the living matter, and everything that it implies and signifies –unknown, of course, but apparently “we know”- is the result of Kindness, Compassion, and infinite Mercy. And no matter how much you try to manage, manipulate, control it, it is beyond the reach of those attacks.

But indeed -true- that, when one exercises Compassion, Kindness, Virtue, on this level, and the response is violent, inquisitorial, rather than critical, "acid", it is easy for them to discourage us, to take away the tendency that The Creative Mystery has opened up to us in our process, and discouragement and doubt spread. Yes!...

And the escape!, of course.

But as that sentence says, which in this case is illustrative: “Many are called, and few are chosen”. Without thinking that the chosen ones are wonderful virtuous people, no, no, but, in the mystery of life, it uses tricks that are beyond our understanding.

And we can tend to fall and point out the bad and the bad and the bad; and the good, well...

And instead of exercising ourselves in the good, in the good, in the good -which is what the Prayer Call indicates-, most of the time is spent in defence, in the counteroffensive.

No! No. It is perseverance in belief, it is perseverance in what feels like fantastic idealism, and that is exercised to the extent that we speak, walk, dress, clean ourselves...

The practice of virtue is included in every detail.

But it doesn't have any attack section.

Its defence is testimony; without it being considered a defence.

Piety is the true protagonist of living matter.

Piety is the true reference of the Species Life.

Piety is what comforts us in the face of injury, greed, vanity.

That Piety felt when, in consciousness we discover our ignorance and our innocence.





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