They call to pray, announcing Goodness...

They call to pray... claiming -without demanding- our determined participation, according to our nature.

They call to pray in the name of beauty, tenderness, affection... and coexistence.

They call to pray... to feel -from the Creative Mystery- that our presence is an imagery of surprises. Chosen representatives. Each one is unique, and irreplaceable. Prepared, from the Nothingness, to fit in, to adapt, to solve, to recreate, to promote, to imagine!...

The Prayerful Call -simultaneously-, by highlighting our trajectory and our hardships, reminds us of our perfections, our capabilities; innate goodness that our "being" has, due to the unfathomable arrival of our presence.

And this unfathomable arrival of our presence... must regenerate us continually. And knowing that whatever position we are placed in, it will be precisely the one that is needed, that is required. And most of the time we will not know why: "Why me?, why this?

And we will not know, because it is not a question of knowing; it is a question of perceiving, feeling... and letting ourselves imagine. And, consequently, to give the precise answer... to avoid falling back into our conscience of demand, of protest, of denial.

We will not know "why", practically about everything. But Creation promotes itself in a permanent creativity. It does not need to know. It doesn't need anything. But Creation is so great that it overwhelms us.

Now, each being fits into its own trajectory, with what is necessary.

Yes, and events occur that the being must... reconsider.

Look at this: we are capable -as a humanity of science and wisdom- of changing the trajectory of a meteorite, with calculation, precision, accuracy. And we are not capable of stopping an ordinary war. We are capable of dreaming of flight in the Universe, and at the same time, with our foot on the neck of the one whom at that moment is the enemy.

As a species, we live in a transition between the magic of living and the absurdity of disappearing.

We are really both, visible and invisible at the same time. It happens that sometimes we become more visible. And the senses are able to measure us, weigh us... And at other times, we become invisible.

We have to call it "mystery", because we are still in the era, in the time of consciousness of discovering, of learning, of seeking explanation: a primitive time in the evolution of consciousness. It is very primitive. It needs a why, it needs a reason...

It is incapable of assuming the grandeur of the Mystery. It needs to dominate, control, demand, manage, manipulate...

The Prayerful Call calls for us to realise this primitivism of consciousness.

To aspire to what we really are.

And, on the basis of our so-called "intelligence", we realise our profound ignorance.

As soon as we recognise our profound ignorance, our achievements and skills become so fragile, so incompetent, that they need to be modified again and again.

And we don't even know how to eat! And everyone has his or her own diet and his or her own potato, onion or meat.


But... demanding!: "Yes, because this's like this". "No, because this is not the way". "No, because... what was good before is bad now!". "We have discovered...!".

From our ignorant evolutionary consciousness, we can be surprised by what we discover, what we learn, without clinging to it, without ratifying it, without assuring it.

The sublime ignorant wanders in any dimension, and is capable of surprise on any occasion. And this is how we can maintain the innocence of life... and giving transcendence to every instant or detail.

To discover those signals that appear, that arrive, that coincide, that happen by "chance"... and that our vain intelligence could not calculate.

Yearning after goodness beset our needs. "Yearning after goodness beset our needs".

Just by imagining them, just by projecting them, they will have their effect.

Our nature, our projects, our ideas are yearning for goodness.

Refine them, clarify them... and to discover how they are needed and required. And thus, feel fulfilled in the realisation, in the presence.

The prevailing undervaluation, self-blame, self-punishment... -that way of feeling unworthy, in which we have been educated- is actually feeling unworthy before Creation.

It is "the favour" done to us by those who dominated, those who control: to transmit the idea to us -through them: fathers, mothers, friends- that we are useless, incapable, cruel, evil.

And so, we get an idea that the Creator Mystery, through those most capable, shows us...

Has the infinite Love of the Eternal!... gestated intermediary actions of punishment, of impunity, of domination? Has it gestated, in its deep and unfathomable movement, creatures, for them to suffer, to be mistreated, for them to come to feel their nonsense...? No.

The call for Goodness made by the Prayerful Call urges us to remind all living beings of the innate Goodness with which we are endowed, and consequently, none of that living matter has the authority and domain to supplant Creation. An even less, to believe it!

We assume that we are all intermediaries, each in his or her position. And we assume that some guide us in one direction and others in another.

And we accept it to the extent that we are not used, manipulated, dominated or punished. We are called upon, from Creation, to be kind to one another. In which case, when another is spiteful, punishing, he is ceasing to be what he is.  And, consequently, it should not influence us! It should not influence us! It must produce in us... pity, grief.

But life is not a system of domains; it is a system of balances, of harmonies, of coexistence.

Undoubtedly, the human being has created imbalance, mismatch,... un-love.

But, at the same time, it cannot live without it, it cannot live without "it", because it is its essence; it is its nature.

Consequently, every time someone, something, some situations, punish us, persecute us or accuse us... let us not give credit.

Yes, we must remember our goodness. Of course! And if someone offends us, claim its admiration.

If someone offends us, show them our silence, but not our pain. If anything, pity and sorrow for how they have acted.

And in the name... and in the name of the Help of the Name of the Creator Mystery, we project our goodness towards those we feel... they are living in times, moments of need; that hurt without finding hope; they twist without knowing how to ask; they do not know where to turn to.

And in the name of our goodness, of our capacity, of our privilege to feed, to shelter ourselves, to walk, to move!... we project our goodness towards those in need... who are "us"... who writhe in prisons; who go beyond insanity, in psychiatric hospitals; who throe of death uselessly in war. All those who puff in the wind, and who languish in hunger... What do you say to them when someone becomes demanding because this wasn't hot enough or wasn't cold enough or...?

To all those who seek hope in despair, to them our kindnesses. And they seek them in the despair of fleeing, for "something better"; in the despair of deception; in the despair of martyrdom.

To those who live and lie in hospital beds, waiting for their next complaint, next cry or lament.

Those who wait without hope; who have no one to tell them, who have no one to weep for them.

Our prayerful reference must embrace all. It must not be satisfied with: "It is good to take care of your own people". It is just another kidnapping and selfishness. No. It is not "it is not good".

Goodness is... perceiving what our humanity does, in which we are present, and in knowing by mystery of Love, to be able to prayerfully make our goodness intentional.

As the song says: "to be devoted to an eternal act of Love".

And yes, yes. We have to get down to it, certainly. Since the daily claim of asking, wanting, taking, grabbing, possessing, keeping, protecting... sends us back to a corner, a corner full of events, and does not allow us to see the great space in which we are.

Yes, you have to decide to... an instant of goodness, an instant of projection, an instant of not being "me"... and being in "we".

Knowing the light that encourages us.

Knowing that our projection is backed by belief, that belief of Mystery.

Feel the eternal consciousness of Piety.

Feel the eternal consciousness of Piety. And thus, perceive our nature of Goodness.

The bells of Mercy never stop ringing. They are silent beats that envelop us... for another listening.

They ring, yes. They ring... and dismiss our miseries. And they acclaim our concords.

The bells of Mercy are ringing. They never stop ringing. Even if we are deaf, they are there.

Let us not fear losing our miseries, possessions, controls and dominions. They are scabs of improper nature.

The bells of Mercy do not stop ringing... while the howl of infinite Piety distils towards... towards the drops of goodness that our nature requires...; that nourish us, that feeds us, that evaporate, that arrive...

The bells of Mercy don’t stop ringing...

Have... Mercy!



The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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